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Gavin Citron
Specialty Cocktails
Gavin Citron

Friday, November 2, 6:30 P.M.*
Members $65, guests $75

*Please note special time. There is no reception.
Tasting starts promptly.

Fusion, as every foodie worth her salt knows, can be a tough thing to pull off these days—at least for lesser culinary lights: as Salma Abdelnour of Time Out New York wrote, "When you serve a pan-global menu, you’re asking for trouble." But Abdelnour makes an exception in the case of Gavin Citron, top toque at Aleutia on Park Avenue South. Citron, she notes, is one of those "chefs who mount a strong argument for the open-door policy." The restaurant’s name refers to the chain of islands that hopscotch across the Bering Strait, linking farthest east with tip o’ the west, and Citron’s menu makes the leap in high style. In his stunning yearling restaurant, he "manages to be inventively international without looking foolish," William Grimes wrote in The New York Times. Grimes loved Citron’s "eye-catching appetizers," dressed up with "glamorous" touches (check out the "intriguing" semolina and sake dumplings in truffled mushroom broth). New York’s Hal Rubenstein begged foodies to come feast on Citron’s "lovely, sophisticated dishes" before the Park Avenue South barflies got their hooks in the place. In short order, the bi-level Aleutia became one of the city’s most satisfying culinary surprises.

It’s a surprise that’s been a long time in the making. Citron, a former printmaker who was born and raised on the Upper West Side, brings a serious résumé to match his perfect culinary pitch and his artist’s eye: he’s worked the stoves in some of the city’s top eateries, honing his classical skills and immersing himself in cutting-edge cuisine. A graduate of the New York Restaurant School, Citron turned a stage at Petrossian into a yearlong stay in the pastry kitchen. He worked his way up from line cook to saucier in Rick Laakkonen’s kitchens at Luxe, then moved on to Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s much-celebrated JoJo. After a stint at Carucci in Wilmington, Delaware, where he earned three and a half stars from the Delaware News Journal, he headed back to Gotham. He ran the kitchens at Onieal’s Grand Street, consulted at Bar Anise, and headed up the teams at Aja and Celadon. Last year, he signed on as opening chef at Aleutia. In his latest venture, he’s serving "fresh and contemporary" fare, as Grimes put it—food so good it’s tempting culinarians to brave the teeming Union Square bar scene downstairs. This month, Citron brings his East-meets-West cooking to our Beard House kitchens. Fearful of the "Cosmo-scented hordes," as Rubenstein put it? We offer a highly civilized, Cosmo-free introduction to Citron’s beautiful food.


Wellfleet Oysters with Apple, Cucumber, and Chive Mignonette
Apple-Mint Martini
Pistachio and Duck Confit Dumpling with Caramelized Cauliflower and Caraway Broth
Maker’s Huckleberry Sidecar
Grilled Portobello Terrine with Roasted Vegetable Effeuillage, Fried Fines Herbes,
and Aged-Port Jelly
Aleutia Iced Tea
Quick-Seared Five-Spice Ahi Sashimi with Pickled Seafood Salad
Ginger-Cranberry Martini
Roasted-Beet and Banana Bread Pudding with Cajeta and Cinnamon Ice Cream
Homemade Hazelnut Bailey’s-style Liqueur


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