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Saba sauce

What? Italian Robitussin. After the crush, but before fermentation has begun, Italians simmer down the must from the trebbiano grape until it turns syrupy. They add to the syrup a small amount of high-quality balsamic vinegar, and ecco-là!saba sauce. The sauce is used on desserts and served with a special Christmas bun. It's used in sweet-and-sour dishes and is even drizzled on polenta. It's also given to small children as a homespun remedy for coughs. Chef Vincent Scotto says he learned to make saba sauce from a friend in Modena. "It's the kind of thing you make once a year, and you make five gallons that you use all year," he said. He didn't have an easy time obtaining the must this year, but finally acquired some from a Long Island winery. And while his saba sauce isn't made solely from trebbiano grapes, we've no doubt it's delicious anyway.

When? January 13, Vincent Scotto, Scopa

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