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Workshop Series

Lauren Groveman
Lauren Groveman's Kitchen , Larchmont , NY

Saturday, March 6, 10:00 am
Members $45 , guests $55

Almost six nights a week, the elaborate, multicourse meals served at the Beard House celebrate the high-energy, labor-intensive world of restaurants and chefs; with this workshop, we turn to hearth and home. Lauren Groveman-mother of three, cooking teacher, food writer, and cookbook author-believes that the kitchen is a warm and nurturing place, and after a morning cooking with her at the House, you're sure to agree.

"You know what's important?" Grove-man asks rhetorically. "That you cook with love in your heart. Just approach it with the idea that you're giving to people, that you're creating something for others with your own hands. That is such a joy to me, and I want others to have that feeling of satisfaction."

Groveman taught herself to cook as an adult, motivated in part by a dry, tough brisket she served to guests one evening when she was a newlywed anxious to impress. She signed up for a few cooking lessons and found that she took to the kitchen like macaroni to cheese (for which, incidentally, she has a scrumptious, foolproof recipe in her book). Soon she was teaching cooking and baking in her Larchmont, New York, home. The classes were so popular that she quickly came to the attention of the food press. In the ensuing years, Groveman has continued to teach while also appearing in and writing for Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, Country Home, and a host of other publications. She has appeared on "CBS This Morning," "The Today Show," and "Baking with Julia," and her cookbook, Lauren Groveman's Kitchen: Nurturing Food for Family and Friends (Chronicle), was published in 1994. About a year later, a story about her in The Express-Times was headlined "Move Over, Martha."

Naturally, for us Beardies, dining out is among our favorite sports. But take a page from Groveman and make a place for dining in too, for the sustaining, soul-satisfying, incomparable pleasure of a home-cooked meal.


Mesclun Salad
with Crisp Black Forest Bacon, Saga Blue Cheese, and Raspberry Vinaigrette

Rich Chicken Stock

Corn and Crab Chowder

Crusty Deli Rye Bread
with Homemade Sweet, Creamy Butter

Mixed-Nut Snowy Butter Button Cookies


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