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Event Location
San Domenico NY
240 Central Park South

For reservations, call The James Beard House at (212) 675-4984 or (800) 36-BEARD.

Special Out-of-House Event

Bella Marcella A Brunch in Honor of Marcella Hazan, 2000 James Beard Foundation Lifetime Acheivement Award Recipient

Guest of Honor
Marcella Hazan

Tony May

Host Chef
Odette Fada
San Domenico NY

Sunday, May 7, 11:30 a.m.
Members $75 , guests $95

Tony May, owner of the much-lauded San Domenico NY, is a driving force in the effort to teach Americans about authentic, regional Italian food. Since 1972, he's been educating American palates, revolutionizing the training of American chefs, and bringing top Italian chefs to America, all in the service of creating respect and understanding for fine Italian cuisine. So when cooking teacher and cookbook author extraordinaire Marcella Hazan, a longtime fellow-soldier in the ranks of this battle, was named the 2000 James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, May was thrilled-and immediately offered to host a celebration brunch to be cooked by San Domenico's wonderful Italian chef, Odette Fada.

May, who grew up near Naples, arrived in New York in 1963 and soon found himself a post as a captain at the Rainbow Room. In short order he was promoted to maître d'; by 1968, he was general manager, and in 1975, he took over the business. It was there that he began teaching Americans about what Italian cuisine could be. He hosted a culinary fortnight featuring a dozen chefs from Italy who cooked food that was a far cry from the pizza-spaghetti-lasagna stereotype prevalent at the time. The event was a huge hit. Soon, May launched a series of restaurants-Sandro's, La Camelia, Palio, and, finally, the three-star San Domenico, where he showcases alta cucina, the cuisine of the aristocracy. He's helped revamp the training in Italian cuisine for chefs at the CIA, and founded Gruppo Ristoratori Italiani, serving as its president; the group proselytizes for true Italian food in America. This year, as we organize our annual Awards gala on the theme of "A Passion for Italy," May's advice and input have been so crucial that we've made him a special adviser.

Fada, lately the chef at renowned Los Angeles Italian restaurant Rex Il Ristorante, has won high praise for her interpretation of alta cucina. A native of Brescia, she's cooked her way through a slew of top restaurants back home, including Brescia's Ristorante Castello; Malvezzi; Ristorante Vissani in Baschi, where she was sous-chef; and Convivo Vissani, a much-lauded Roman restaurant, where she served as chef de cuisine. She won the hearts of Los Angeles Italophiles with her sophisticated, beautifully wrought food. Caroline Bates, writing in Gourmet, declared her the possessor of "a chef's equivalent of perfect pitch: an unerring ability to detect the notes and nuances in a dish." Choosy San Domenico regulars have been thrilled by her virtuoso range.


Uova in Purgatorio-Eggs Poached in Tomato Sauce; Imbrogliata di Carciofi-Artichoke Hearts in Scrambled Eggs; Frittate: Cipolle e Zucchine, Animelle, e Fegatini di Pollo-Assortment of Fritattas: Onion and Zucchini, Sweetbread, and Chicken Liver; Formaggi e Affettati; Prosciutto di Parma; Salami Vari-Various Italian Salami; L'Induja su Crostini-Spicy Aged Sausage on Crouton; Parmigiano a Schegge in Forma-Chunks of Parmigiano in the Wheel; Assortment of Cheeses Including Pecorino Toscano, Fontina, Gorgonzola, and Caprino

Minestre e Pasta
Pappa col Pomodoro-Tuscan Bread Soup; Pasta e Fagioli-Borlotti Bean and Pasta Soup; Lasagnetta alla Bolognese-Lasagna with Meat Ragù; Canneloni con gli Asparagi-Canelloni with Asparagus; Risotto con la Quaglia-Risotto with Quails

Olive all'Ascolana-Stuffed Fried Olives; Crema Fritta-Fried Pastry Cream; Mozzarella in Carrozza-Breaded, Fried Mozzarella; Crochiette di Patate al Telefono-Potato Croquettes; Verdure Fritte-Fried Vegetables; Salvia Fritta-Fried Sage; Fiori di Zucchine-Zucchini Flowers; Ricotta Impanata e Fritta-Breaded and Fried Sheep's Milk Ricotta

Caponata Siciliana, Zucchine e Scapece-Sicilian Caponata, Marinated Zucchini; Panzanella-Bread Salad; Pomodoro all'Olio-Tomato Salad; Rucola e Pomodorini Siciliani-Baby Arugula and Cherry Tomatoes; Insalata di Carciofi-Artichoke Hearts with Oil and Lemon; Asparagi o Mangia Tutto o Bianchi Colossal-Assortment of Steamed Vegetables

Altri Piatti
Cassuerola di Calamari-Spicy Calamari and Peppers; Pollo Fritto-Fried Chicken; La Porchetta di Sandro-Roasted Suckling Pig; Stracotto di Maiale al Latte-Pork Cooked in Milk; Parmigiana di Melanzane-Eggplant Parmigiana; Baccalà Mantecato-Whipped Salt Cod; Gamberi e Cannellini-Shrimp and Cannellini Beans; Anguilla in Saor-Eels Marinated with Onion and Vinegar

Pizza Bianca con Mortadella-White Pizza with Mortadella; La Focaccia; Bruschetta al Pomodoro; Focaccine con il Lardo Affettado-Focaccia with Thinly Sliced Lard; Ciabatta; Il Pane Casericcio; Cornetti, Brioche, Panettone, Muffins, Danish con Frutta, Orange Marmalade and Fruit Gels

Panna Cotta-Cooked Cream Custard with a Caramelized Sauce; Fragole all'Aceto con Gelato Miracoloso-Strawberries Marinated with Balsamic Vinegar and Served with Miracoloso Ice Cream; Polenta Nera-Chocolate, Cornmeal, and Hazelnut Soufflé with White Chocolate Sauce; Dolci San Domenico NY Piccola Pasticceria-Assortment of San Domenico NY Desserts


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