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Luncheon Series

First Friday Luncheon

Annie Wayte Ed Witt
Nicole's , NYC

Friday, June 2, 12:00 noon
Members $55 , guests $65

First Friday Luncheons are open to Professional and Fellow members only; the menus appear in Previews.

In New York, restaurants-like most things-are about style. Life in the culinary world here is largely about making a deliciously fashionable statement, and that's an area that Nicole's has got covered. This sophisticated restaurant is housed in Gotham's fabulous new Nicole Fahri flagship store. The bar area features a 30-foot-long luminescent table, and hungry fashionistas and culinary arbiters occupy every seat, hungry for the edibles of chef Annie Wayte.

Wayte made her presence felt at the original Nicole Fahri style emporium on London's New Bond Street, where she turned out the kind of food that made even London model-types wield their forks with abandon. At Nicole's in New York, Wayte is stationed in the restaurant's nerve center, an illuminated water-white glass cube that houses the high-tech open kitchen. William Grimes of The New York Times described her menu as "bright" and "appealing...with a shrewd minimalist touch and just the right English notes." Like Fahri's much-sought-after pieces, Wayte's cuisine is at once easygoing and perfectly constructed, luxurious and easy to envelop oneself in.

This month, Wayte will be joined by Ed Witt, who was recently appointed executive chef of Nicole's after starting as sous-chef. A CIA graduate, Witt came to Nicole's from the legendary Daniel. His c.v. also includes stints at Golden Gate restaurants Rubicon and Jardinière. This month, Wayte and Witt (there's a joke in here somewhere), bring their beautiful food to our oh-so-fashionable Village digs. Wear your best.


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